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Calabash Resort 
St. Lucia

The Bright Rites Retreat

A 5-Day total reset for body, mind, spirit, and skin.

December 5 - 10, 2023

Imagine touching down to white sand beaches, turquoise water, and volcanic, geothermal spires on the enchanted Caribbean island of St Lucia, whose very name is inspired by beauty and light.

A wave of pleasure and relaxation washes over you as it hits you –you did it- you’ve invested in You.  


You smell fragrant island flowers and sense a warm whisper of wind wash across your body, and somehow, you know down to your bones that this is it– the turning point that changes everything. 

You are ready to be immersed in pleasure and relaxation while learning to fully embody, appreciate, and deeply love the skin you’re in.

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Retreat Activities:

  • Daily Bright Rites Workshop

  • Daily Beauty Meditation & Skintuitive Facial Massage 

  • Daily Movement, Dance, and Beach Time

  • Fresh and Gourmet Foods and Waters

  • 1-Personalized 90-Day Beauty Blueprint Skincare and Beauty Plan with a $300 gift card for TimeLight Skin Nutrition products.

  • A Gold-plated Quantum Acupressure Wand

  • The Sacred Skin Journal

  • The Bright Rites Video library to continue your results at home.

Who this retreat is suitable for;

Rediscover and reclaim the real you at this retreat designed for every woman who's recently seen changes in the mirror and who's ready for a 360-degree mind, body, spirit, and skin rejuvenation.

This transformative 5-day experience will change how you perceive yourself and your relationship to beauty now and in all the years to come.

Designed for stressed-out superwomen, midlife muses, and anyone worried about the effects of inflammation and stress or struggling to embrace their natural beauty.

Achieve a decade of visible rejuvenation in under a week through Amy's holistic, non-invasive, and revitalizing approach.

Image by Nicolas Ladino Silva

Retreat Schedule

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Day 1

Saturday: Sept 23: 

  • Arrival

  • Welcome Ceremony 

  • Intention Setting 

  • Healthy, Nourishing Dinner

  • Evening Group Skintuitive Massage and Beauty Meditation Session

Day 2

Sunday; Sept 24: 

  • Morning Movement, Sacred Journaling Session and Sharing.

  • Beauty Breakfast with Activated Water

  • Bright Rites Workshop: The Magic Mirror Room-a revolutionary visualization process to nurture and nourish your inner image on a daily and nightly basis.

  • Light, Hydrating Lunch

  • Beach Time or one-on-one with Amy

  • Healthy, Nourishing Dinner

  • Evening Group Skintuitive Massage and Beauty Meditation Session

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Healthy Smoothie.jpg

Day 3

Monday; Sept 25: 

  • Morning Movement, Sacred Journaling Session and Sharing.

  • Beauty Breakfast with Activated Water

  • Bright Rites Workshop: Three Essential Mirror-Work Techniques for beauty and energy cultivation.

  • Light Lunch

  • Beach Time or one-on-one with Amy

  • Healthy, Nourishing Dinner

  • Evening Group Skintuitive Massage and Beauty Meditation Session

Day 4

Tuesday; Sept 26: 

  • Morning Movement, Sacred Journaling Session and Sharing.

  • Beauty Breakfast with Activated Water

  • Bright Rites Workshop: Cellular Communication- the ungated secrets of quantum biology.

  • Light, Hydrating Lunch

  • Beach Time or one-on-one with Amy

  • Healthy, Nourishing Dinner

  • Evening Group Skintuitive Massage and Beauty Meditation Session

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Women at Beach.jpg

Day 5

Wednesday; Sept 27: Departure

  • Morning Movement, Sacred Journaling Session and Sharing.

  • Beauty Breakfast with Activated Water

  • Leave for home . . . 

Amy's Guiding Philosophy 

I believe that natural beauty combines spiritual and cellular energy in harmony with nature.

My philosophy revolves around the harmony of three integral pillars: skin nutrition, self-image, and energy illumination.

  1. Skin Nutrition: Nourishing your skin with the finest ingredients and personalized skincare solutions is the foundation of a radiant complexion. Feeding your skin with the right nutrients can truly thrive and reflect your inner beauty.

  2. Self-Image: Cultivating a relationship with your reflection is the fast track to lasting results. Learning that your self-image is a thermostat and can be reprogrammed allows you to exude an aura of authentic beauty that transcends age.

  3. Energy Illumination: Activating your ability to move energy in your skin and release tensions with your hands elevates your natural glow. By tapping into this energy, you'll look radiant and feel energized. 

By harmoniously combining these three pillars into daily, nightly, and weekly beauty rituals, you'll experience the transformative Higher Self Beauty effect, allowing your inner light to shine so you can live in your own personal spotlight.

Amy Wall Picture.png

Jennifer Linley Taylor

“A modeling contract took me to Paris in 1979 when I just turned 20.

I have had facials, massages, healing treatments, and hypnotherapy in many far-off countries around the world, from all corners of Europe to multiple Caribbean islands, to Kenya, Morocco, India, and beyond.

As a professional model, I have experienced hundreds of treatments and at least as many products.

If I could pick the best variety of wonderful treatments and products, I could imagine and roll them into one experience, that would be a Skintuitive Session with Amy.

She skillfully combines her beautiful energy and guidance, a soothing environment, and music, to set the tone for what one could only call a spiritual, meditative journey you wish would go on for hours.

Emily Sorlien

“This morning, I started my day with the gentle lymphatic massage and meditation I learned from The Bright Rites, and I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I started my day feeling so energized and positive. I can't wait to do my skin every day  and use these techniques with Amy's incredible skin formulas. If you struggle with ANY sort of skin issues or if you're feeling ready to take your glow to the next level, do yourself a huge favor and attend a Bright Rites Retreat.

Nicole Nichols

“Amy entered my life when I needed it the most. Full disclosure, I am an esthetician. However, as a woman in my late 40s, my soul, body, skin, and heart craved something different than the hamster wheel of the current beauty paradigm. Why was I so unhappy with ME? I have access to so many of the traditional treatment options, and I was struggling with self-confidence and self-image. I was stuck. It made no sense to me; I was lost as a human and as a woman. The treatments and products were not ineffective, BUT I was not internally at peace or satisfied. I was so empty. The Beauty Rites and Amy IS AMAZING! I feel like I am finally getting to know ME.  From the Beauty Edit to the AM/PM ritual to the weekly self appreciation practice - it is ALL doable friends and will truly change your life.  Thank you Amy!
Your Retreat Leader

Meet Amy Wall

Amy Wall is an award-winning esthetician and trailblazer in skincare innovation. With 20 years experience and a passion for energetic beauty, Amy has devoted herself to helping clients achieve and sustain radiant skin and energy at any age.

Amy's fascination with beauty and wellness began in 1984 when she started meditating in front of the mirror while applying her skincare products. Today, as a pioneer and visionary in conscious beauty, she commits to using only natural and sustainable ingredients in her products. 

Her dedication led to the creation of TimeLight Skin Nutrition, an exclusive, pharmacist-formulated product line that is naturally sourced, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. 

Amy is on a mission to help stressed-out, self-care-starved superwomen achieve the glowing skin and magnetic energy they deserve. Living in Northern California, she transforms how we approach beauty and aging. 

Amy pic #2.png
Your Retreat Assistant

Meet Bianca Collier

Bianca is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and 4th Generation Tarot Reader who has assisted individuals in uncovering and understanding their dharma -or life work. Bianca is also a Spiritual Business Activator and Quantum Visibility Coach, helping entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and businesses increase their online visibility, build their personal brand, and become a go-to authority in their expertise. Her clients are Spiritual Entrepreneurs and New Earth Leaders who are here to make an IMPACT on this planet. 

Before Bianca transitioned to visibility work, she began her career as a mentor for mystics. The loss of her father ten years ago catalyzed her spiritual awakening. After he passed, she connected with him from the other side, and she has since assisted others with their spiritual awakenings and connection with their spirit guides. 

Connect with her on IG or Tiktok @biancaelainecollier. 

Calabash Watersedge Cottage with pool 5.jpg

Explore the Magical Resort
and Beaches

Calabash Cove Resort

St. Lucia, Caribbean 

The adults-only Calabash Cove Resort and Spa in Saint Lucia is a perfect outdoor retreat from the gorgeous outdoor infinity pool to the lush tropical flora and fauna. 

The island is known for its exotic flowers, native tropical plants, and trees (over 1300 species, including passion fruit and coconut), all of which are on display in the breathtaking Cove Gardens, along with local bird sightings, wind chimes, and an atmosphere imbued with a profound sense of peace.

White Structure
Retreat Info & Booking Fee 


Customized payment plans are available and can be arranged by contacting Tammy Petersen directly at 312-961-3280


If you need travel assistance, please contact Barbara Khan from Pro Travel, Inc.  305-361-0707


A credit card must be presented at the time of check-in for incidental charges (including spa treatments, additional excursions, alcohol, etc)


To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $750 per person is required. The balance must be paid 30 days prior to the start date of the retreat.


Please plan to fly into SLU. Ground transportation is not included in the retreat price.  Please contact Tammy so we can group you together on resort trips.  Round Trip Transportation is extra.


If you desire a roommate, please indicate this on your form upon sign up. If we are unable to pair you with one, we will adjust your rate to Single Occupancy, and collect the difference one week prior to the event.

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