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Melia Punta Cana Beach
A Wellness Inclusive Resort Adults Only
Dominican Republic

Journey into Tranquility with

T Spheres Founder, Stephanie Whittier

February 22 - 25, 2024

Intuitive and Explorative Movement / Aromatherapy & Massage / Self Care Rituals / T Spheres Aromatherapy Massage Sessions with Stephanie

Bring your body back to balance. Learn how to self-massage, explore intuitive movement,

practice aromatherapy, and build self-care rituals. This retreat is an opportunity to rest and reset and instill healing habits that you’ll take with you on your travels.


T Spheres Movement & Massage is a unique technique of self-massage based on Stephanie’s 30+ year career as a bodyworker, healer, and teacher of self-care practices.


Walk away from this retreat with a deeper knowledge of how to blend massage, movement, and aromatherapy to manage daily aches, pains, stress, and anxiety. Know that you will be well taken care of during the retreat under Stephanie’s expert attention, and you will leave with the tools and understanding to maintain and deepen the healing habits you’ll create.

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Retreat Activities:

  • Daily Movement & Massage classes using T Spheres Techniques

  • Nightly Aromatherapy Massage, Restful Sleep Ritual, and Reflexology

  • Reflexology and Acupressure session

  • Group walk with Reiki energy cleansing

  • Reflection

  • Fresh, locally sourced meals and wine

  • Daily Beach / Pool or Spa time (spa sessions additional)

  •  A 30-minute, one on one T Spheres massage session with Stephanie (must be booked in advance)

  • Before you travel: Receive a gift T Spheres set and a personal Zoom session with Stephanie + tips on how to use your new T Spheres on the flight to the retreat

  • When you arrive: Receive a gift T Spheres Aromatherapy Complete Collection : Choose from 5 aromas: Lavender / Peppermint / Geranium / Peppermint & Pink Grapefruit / Eucalyptus and Lemongrass

What is it, and who is it for:

You’re always on the move, and find it easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle.

Whether you travel weekly for work or commute through chaos every day, the “on-the-go” mentality that drives your career has started to invade your downtime, too. If you’re always

trying to find 10 more minutes of productivity in the day, this retreat is for you.

Reprioritize rest. Re-establish your connection and commitment to yourself. Take tranquility into your own hands by building a self-sufficient and sustainable wellness routine in a tropical

setting that soothes the soul. Then, bring those healing habits back home with you, and wherever your travels take you next.

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Retreat Schedule

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Day 1 - Thursday 22nd - Arrival 4:00 p.m.

• Arrival

• Meet & Greet with Founder to receive your T Spheres Complete Collection

• A walk about the resort to unwind from travel

• Dinner of local cuisine + selection of wine

• Jet Lag Relief Restful Sleep T Spheres Session

Day 2 - Friday 23rd

  • Morning Personal Time

  • Light Breakfast

  • Movement Massage Session (Bring your T Spheres sets with you)

  • Lunch

  • One-on-one T Spheres balancing session with Stephanie (book in advance, 30 minutes each)*

  • Personal time when not in session with Stephanie

  • Dinner of local cuisine + selection of wine

  • Reflexology & Acupressure session using T Spheres (self-massage)

Melia Punta Cana Beach.png

Day 3 - Saturday 24th 

  • Breakfast

  • Movement Massage Session (Bring your T Spheres sets with you)

  •  Lunch

  • One-on-one aromatherapy balancing sessions throughout the day with Stephanie (booked in advance, 30 minutes each)

  • Personal time when not in session with Stephanie

  • Dinner of local cuisine + selection of wine

  • Group sharing thoughts and experiences (with T Spheres to roll as we wish)

Day 4 - Sunday 25th - Departure 12 - 2

  • Breakfast

  • Final gathering for our farewells 

  • Check out 

  • Travel back home :)

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Stephanie’s Purpose & Perspective:

Stephanie's career mission has been to educate and inspire her clients to take control of their daily well-being with aromatherapy, self-massage, movement, and positivity.


“When we allow ourselves the experience of discovering how our body and feelings change daily - especially as we age and in times of hardship - we can then embrace the practices of self-love and soulful contentment as we continue on this glorious journey called life!”

Stephanie T Spheres.jpg

Erwin Benedict Valencia, Director of Traning and Conditioning

New York Knicks

T Spheres has managed to combine the appropriate mechanical effects of soft tissue mobilization along with the chemical and psychosocial effects of aromatherapy and color in one durable produce that's easy to travel with.


Thank you so much for the T Spheres - they will be great on tour!

Dave Gahan, Depecha Mode

Quite simply, I use the T Spheres whereveer and whenever possible, and that is pretty much anywhere.

Brooke Shields, Actor and Model

Thanks you for the T Spheres, they came at a perfect time - I had just done something to my neck and was in need of a massage

Jamie Goodwin, Shaping Sounds Dance Co. - So You Think You Can Dance 


T Spheres are my go-to for everything. I use them in yoga, on flights before and after during rehearsals, I even use them to help relieve pain and discomfort while recovering from my surgeries.  They've helped aid my rehabilitation with their gentle ways of releasing stubborn muscles.  Every athlete should have a set.

Your Retreat Leader

Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST, Developer of the

T Spheres Massage Ball & Techniques

Stephanie Whittier, LMT, CST, and Developer of the

T Spheres Massage Ball & Techniques brings over 30 years of experience in massage and craniosacral therapies, pain relief innovation, multi-cultural massage practices, and extensive formal massage education for her self-care classes and wellness retreats.


She is a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City, with continuing studies at the Upledger Institute in Florida and a Reiki Mastership in New York. She was instrumental in introducing therapeutic massage to gyms with her massage program at World Gym in New York’s Lincoln Square in 1992 and has since hosted self-massage retreats and programs at destinations like Solage Resort & Spa in Napa, The Henderson Resort in

Florida, and onboard Celebrity Cruises for the Canyon Ranch Spa Club (picked as a favorite by Randy Zuckerberg in 2015.)

About T Spheres


The aromatherapeutic effect of the essential oils promotes relaxation, which lessens muscle

tension, allowing the balls to access deeper into the tissue for more effective acupressure and

myofascial release. The T Spheres techniques target and reduce muscular pain, joint pain, and

backache and enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow and improving sleep.

Stephanie’s breakthrough process and product are the first and only of their kind to deliver such powerful holistic healing benefits in a user-friendly, portable package.

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For our official greeting, we have taken up the custom of our ancestors: The Tainos who received their visitors saying Taino ti, which means: We Wish well Welcome home. Welcome to the family!


Melia Resort & Spa
Punta Cana Beach
Dominican Republic

Melia Resort, Punta Cana Beach

At Melia Punta Cana Beach we have been inspired by a 360 Wellbeing Experience in order to generate a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional balance.

With the desire that from the first moment our Guests arrive at the lobby, they leave behind their problems, stress, the noise of the city; and begin to experience and breath a space of relaxation and harmony.

White Structure
Retreat Info & Booking Fee 


Customized payment plans are available and can be arranged by contacting Tammy Petersen directly at 312-961-3280


If you need travel assistance, please contact Barbara Khan from Pro Travel, Inc.  305-361-0707


A credit card must be presented at the time of check-in for incidental charges (including spa treatments, additional excursions, alcohol, etc)


To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $750 per person is required. The balance must be paid 30 days prior to the start date of the retreat.


Please plan to fly into Punta Cana International (PUJ). Ground transportation is not included in the retreat price.  Please contact Tammy so we can group you together on resort trips.  Round Trip Transportation is extra.


If you desire a roommate, please indicate this on your form upon sign up. If we are unable to pair you with one, we will adjust your rate to Single Occupancy, and collect the difference one week prior to the event.

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