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The Back Story - Hidden Leaf Baja

The evolution of Hidden Leaf Baja has birthed a sanctuary for peace, connection, and gratitude.

By; Katia Pierre-Louis

Eleven years ago, we planned to retire in Todos Santos and started building a home that would be there when we were ready, and my father could live with us to receive the medical care he needed. While we were finalizing our plans, my father passed away. He did not know we were in the process of building, as it was supposed to be a surprise. While this devastated us, we kept moving forward.

During the pandemic, we had an opportunity to spend an extended period of time in our beautiful home with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Little did we know, our home called for something more. As the months passed, I walked through our property daily, and as I did, I began to build a profound connection with the garden, the cardons, the mesquite, the torotes, and the mangroves. Walking through the garden I saw spaces for quiet time, for people to gather, and opportunities to share something special. As I kept walking around, I began to feel the land, and these spaces were meant to be shared.

The land had a story to share about how the cacti and mesquite made an agreement to create an open space for gathering, and the “ejido” canal used by local farmers in the past to run water down from the mountain was sacred to the land’s history. Sitting next to the ocean, it had a dream to be seen. This is where the sunken fire pit came to life, a circle space for gathering, meals, outdoor games, and rest. These visions guided the vision of Hidden Leaf Baja, a place for people to gather, retreat and connect.

Initially, we decided to host vacation rentals. It felt like the answer, but as this journey evolved, it became something deeper. When my grandmother spent time with us, she shared stories of helping others with her gifts. She was a medicine woman, who learned from her mother, and I learned we came from an ancestry of healers. My grandmother blessed the land and told us our ancestors of healers would come here to be with us and bless others; this is when the seed was planted. Our journey and my grandmothers’ stories and wisdom brought us to seek a deeper connection here in Baja. We decided to open up our home and land for healing and as a welcoming community space.

The evolution of Hidden Leaf Baja has birthed a sanctuary for peace, connection, and gratitude. When we realized all the land offered, we knew it was essential to make this a destination for connection to self, a safe space to receive healing and wellness and share with our community. —

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