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The Special Plant Medicine Journey in Todos Santos

Global Retreat Week hosts Amy Erber, and Samantha Morse will facilitate a most insightful psilocybin and ketamine retreat at Hidden Leaf Retreat in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico . . .

Mark your calendars for September 23 - 27, 2023, for this expansive Global Retreat Week getaway in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico.

This magically crafted retreat is hosted by respected leaders Samantha Morse, Ph.D., and Amy Erber, MSN, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC. Both Amy and Samantha are full-time entheogenic facilitators holding space for your journey with integrity, compassion, and humility.

You can expect to be well cared for before, during, and after the retreat to ensure a meaningful, life-changing experience.

Your Retreat Home – Hidden Leaf

You’ll love the natural surroundings of Hidden Leaf Resort, nestled in the coastal town of Todos Santos Baja, Mexico, where white beaches and the picturesque foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains provide the perfect set and setting for a retreat of this scope. Your stay can be in a luxury casita or within glam tents where you sleep with the stars as you gaze into your future self.

Intention for Medicine Work

The intention for using the following medicines in the retreat setting is to facilitate a potentially transformative experience that may catalyze deeper change than is possible in one’s home setting.

Guiding Philosophies

Amy and Samantha are committed to cultivating and embodying trust, open-heartedness, dedication to those they serve, curiosity, integrity, and self-awareness. They recognize that there are multiple ways of knowing — not just rational thinking — but also sensing, feeling, and imagining, and they seek to harness all ways of knowing in their interactions with others. Moreover, Amy and Sam inhabit a world where mystery and wonder is at the center, and they hope to kindle this awareness in others too.

The Ketamine Journey

Amy and Samantha start with facilitating a ketamine-sounding experience to help you open your energetic channels and activate your voice (inner, outer, and intuition) in the spirit of fostering an opening that supports subsequent medicine work.

Historically, sound has been used worldwide as a gateway to the exploration of consciousness. We will begin with breathwork and essential oils formulated to activate each chakra to promote energy flow in the physical and energetic bodies. Next, we will introduce ketamine using an atomizer (nasal) and engage in an hour-long group singing/sounding exercise. We will sound our way into stored emotions and energetic blockages we hold within our bodies and use sound vibration to release them.

Through this experience, you're supported in:

  • Deprogramming negative stories about your voice

  • Exploring the inner, outer, and intuitive voice

  • Embracing the curiosity and mystery of your voice

  • Experiencing sound and melody as medicine

  • Shifting out of “thinking mode” and into sensing

The Psilocybin Journey

As facilitators, Amy and Samantha believe their role is to create the conditions that allow you to innately undergo a process of deconditioning, repair, awakening, and connection. They believe that all retreat participants have the ability to navigate this process, provided they have established safety, trust, and compassionate connection within the container.

Amy and Samantha prepare and support you if you are undergoing a challenging experience; however, they believe that their preparation process will empower you to confront and move through any challenges that may arise.

They feel the greatest resonance with the term “facilitator” as they view themselves as kind, reliable, and informed individuals who help participants ease into the psychedelic experience. By contrast, they do not see themselves as “guiding” or directing the experience. They trust the medicine, the land, and the individual’s soul-self to appropriately lead the journey.

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