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Welcome to The Retreat Journal Newsletter

Focusing on the people and extraordinary properties who help create the imaginative venues that shape Global Retreat Week

In The Retreat Journal, there's a little something for everyone; the coolest most innovative retreat locations worldwide hosting Global Retreat Week; the dreamiest imagery you ever did see; inspiration for recharging, rejuvenating and reinventing lifestyles, wellbeing, and new health ideas with a little dash of science.

For Global Retreat Week, there are so many incredibly inspiring and forward thinking locations and properties for every type of retreat you can imagine. We look to give you suggestions, news and the trends.

Ultimately, Global Retreat Week exists to foster and celebrate human potential, to bring out our collective best. Each retreat is curated by a cauldron of experts, artists, practices and ideas, a place to stir the pot of possibility and watch the alchemy.

Outdoor activities strengthen our bodies and reconnect us to nature. Ideas challenge our ingrained thought patterns, and the arts fill us with wonder and inspire us to create. Last, but not least, there’s the power of community itself.

The Retreat Journal focuses on the owners, operators, hosting retreat leaders who are the outstanding personalities and brilliant thinkers behind Global Retreat Week.

They tantalize us with new and exciting retreat trends. They provide the local flavor that permeates each retreat venue which forms the core of our long-term vision of providing unique experiences for those who look to disconnect, recharge and reinvent. They help you to capture the spirit of wellness and stay informed, which is a daily reminder to live fully, with style and audacity.

Like the cool side of the pillow, we hope The Retreat Journal catches you off guard just a little. We hope the pages surprise you and take you on some kind of journey through your own subconscious for change. We think it’ll pair well for choosing the perfect Retreat Week location where you can switch-off, un-plug and gain new inspiration.

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