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You’re Invited to a Spectacular Event

Global Retreat Week – September 22 – 29, 2023

The Meeting Point for those whose Journey Never Ends

Naia Resort and Spa, Placencia, Belize

Snorkel in the turquoise waters of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean; discover your inner and outer beauty in St. Lucia; experience a psilocybin journey in Todos Santos; embrace all things wellness in Punta Cana; imbibe luxury and adventure in Belize . . . because, whether you need total rest to rejuvenate, rebalance your life, or a creative retreat to launch new ideas, - no matter the reason, it is the act of retreating for one week that makes the difference.

Throughout the coming months, we’ll entice you with a collection of enlightening retreat events developed especially for you to disconnect, recharge and reinvent while transcending nation, language, and creed.

Calabash Resort, St. Lucia

Our collaboration is with epic thinkers, exceptional properties, and retreat hosts that develop custom programs for nurturing ourselves in the most memorable ways.

They are the outstanding personalities, brilliant thinkers, and motors behind Global Retreat Week. They entice us with new and exciting retreat programs.

Mixed with the local flavor permeating each retreat, it forms the core of our long-term vision of providing unique experiences for those who want to create their own cosmos for an immersive journey.

Melià Punta Cana Beach, A Wellness Inclusive Resort Adults Only

Who Attends Global Retreat Week?

Global Retreat Week is a rendezvous for an international coterie of people who choose one of our retreat locations worldwide to rest, reflect, rejuvenate, and reinvent.

People join retreat week for all sorts of reasons; to step away from demanding jobs and slow down; to re-center and gain perspective; to seek peace of mind after certain life experiences; to take time for themselves, or reinvent future purpose.

Hidden Leaf, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

The Ultimate Unwind:

At a time when almost every facet of our lives has seemingly been taken over by code, it's exceedingly refreshing to be without it, if just for a week.

Time-out needs to be touched, felt, and experienced tangibly over time. It requires participation and emersion into self. It needs a distinctive narrative that changes lives forever. Like the cool side of the pillow, a personal retreat should refresh and catch you off guard just a little.

Harbour Village, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Our dreamy retreat locations are meant to provide inspiration to help you transcend your everyday life . . . so we invite you to join us . . . come play . . . and let the magic become your reality.

Life is your biggest project . . . so why not embrace it and join us at Global Retreat Week!

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